First Day of Coding Bootcamp

Last night the class met up to load our Macs with all the programs we would need: Ruby (of course), Rbenv, Homebrew, a text editor called Atom, and a fancier terminal called iTerm, plus a few other accessories. No Rails yet, though, surprisingly.

I hadn’t even realized how tightly strung I’d been. I thought I was coming down with a stomach virus, but it turned out to be a monstrous case of butterflies. I was walking around with this fear that my fellow students would be way ahead of me.

Maybe I feel like I have more to prove since I’m not the stereotypical coder. Whatever the reason, my stomach unwound when I realized I was not going to be the class dunce. I slept like a baby dosed with Benadryl (contrary to popular belief, real babies do not sleep).

My paranoia led me to do a ton of prep work. I’m one of only three that has used Git & Github, and being the daughter of a Linux administrator has given me some nice command-line skills.

I have a huge handicap, though: I am brand new to Macs. I actually had to ask another student, “How do you double click on this thing?”  

I might be the class dunce after all.




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