Day 3: Riding the Rollercoaster

They weren’t kidding when they said this would be hard. 

One minute, I’m flying high, so impressed with all that I’ve learned in just a few short days. The next minute I’m feeling like a complete dunce.

I can’t help comparing myself to other students. “I’m in the lead! Oh, crap! They’re approaching the finish line and I’m stuck at the starting gates! Oh, look! I’m in the lead again!” 

If I could only stop comparing myself to other students, this would be 10 times easier. (Not gonna happen).

I think I need to take more breaks. I’ve noticed that my brain shuts down after a few hours of non-stop staring at the screen. When i work too long without a break, i quickly go from productive to barely understanding my own code to not remembering my own name.

What was my name again?



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