Google Me: Managing Social Media Presence


Today The Iron Yard (my coding bootcamp) had an awesome guest speaker, John Saddington. His talk was about the importance of branding and managing your social media presence.


My biggest take-away was that I need to not only blog regularly, but blog on a schedule. Blogging helps establish an online reputation that you can control. It gives potential employers more chances to find you, and more information about you. Scheduling time to blog helps keep you from lapsing into a bout of laziness and falling off the radar.


It was really amazing to see John google his own name and come up with —DA TA DA—a million pictures of himself! And none of them were of him puking off the back deck!!

I have to admit that before John’s talk, I thought of my social media / internet presence mostly as a potential hazard to my job search.

I briefly entertained the idea of imploding my social media presence because…well, because people are stupid. I mean, really….how many times do I have to remind people that my GRANDMOTHER is on Facebook, so please don’t tag me in pictures of naked men. Do the right thing, and text them to me instead.

New goal: take control of my online presence.

(Bam! I blogged today.)



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