Geek Culture: A Geek Chick Perspective

Coming from an extremely geeky family, I have one foot firmly planted in Geek Culture. As a woman and mother, I have the other foot firmly planted outside it.

My only real disappointment with The Iron Yard’s Ruby on  Rails Academy has been that I haven’t had another Geek Chick to share the experience with.

What I miss most about having a Geek Chick companion is this:

The other day, the teacher asked what was new with the class. I announced that over the weekend my daughter turned 5 –a huge milestone– and was starting school. The response from the class was:

<chirp> <chirp> <chiiiiiruuuuuup> Awkward congratulations. <chiiiiruuuuup>***

In a class full of women, the response would have been a collective “Aaaaaawwwwwww!” followed by fifteen minutes of digression into stories about their children’s first day of school. Then we would have all held hands and sang “Kum ba ya”. ***

Women have a compulsive need to talk about their children. Men…not so much. (That’s especially true when most of them don’t have children. Only one other student in my class has a kid. Plus, his kid is a newborn and newborns don’t do much other than poop.)****

Here is what I get and don’t get about Geek Culture:

Get It

Kinda Get It Don’t Get It
Jeans: God bless the stubborn geeks that insisted on wearing jeans to work DragonCon: Would love to attend, but mostly to people watch Japanimation: Admittedly, I haven’t given it a fair try.
Web comics: xkcd, baby! Free beer on tap in the Atlanta Tech Village: Would prefer tequila, and don’t understand how anyone can combine drinking & coding successfully Comic books: Something I don’t have in common with most 8-year-old boys from the 90’s.
Think Geek T-shirts: I actually introduced my father and brother to Think Geek. (BAM! Out-geeked the fam!) Wearing a kilt to work every Friday (one of my Dad’s coworkers does this). If the intention is to shock people for giggles, I totally get it. If not, I totally don’t. (On a side note, I might start wearing a sombrero on Wednesdays) Ninja Turtles: again, something I don’t have in common with most 8-year-old boys from the 90’s.
 Video Games: I try to stay away from them, because they have the power to make me forget to bathe. Showing off: I get being competitive, but I prefer to compete silently, so that only I know that I’ve won. Ego trips
    Fear of talking to women—not as common as I was afraid it would be. I talk to myself often, and it’s not scary at all.

I hope that soon I will find my Geek Mama Twin. When I do, we will dress our daughters up as Princess Leah, go to Dragon Con, and tease each other about what our children would look like if we’d married the portly fellow dressed as a Woodland Fairy.

And that would be the start of a beautiful subculture.

***Please forgive my tendency toward theatrical exaggeration.

****Women would talk about the color of his poop, and whether that makes him a genius.


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