Geek Speak: Total Immersion

My Geek Fluency is improving. Most days, I totally parse what my classmates are saying.


Here are a couple of the Geek Cultural references that I learned this week:

1) Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The World Yet?

2) “I Attack the Darkness”

That’s what I call quality education.

(I learned some code stuff too.)


And here’s a third thing I learned:

3) Having an Android phone makes me the Nerd of the Geek World

Learned this one when I innocently asked a group of guys in the common room: “Does anyone have a charger for an  Android phone?”

Answer: (scoff) “We’re tech people. We all use iPhones. (scoff, giggle, scoff).

Alrightly then. My Android smart phone cost me $20 to buy and $35 a month for service. It does almost everything your iPhone does, minus scoring me Geek Street Cred. Go ahead and scoff. I’ll giggle when you pull up your bank accounts.

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