Why I love To Code

I’ve always had a hard time explaining why I love to code. For other coders, it requires no explanation.

“Because coding is awesome.” (nod at each other for several minutes). “Yep.” (nod some more)

Explaining it to someone who doesn’t code is where it gets complicated.

In fact, when you’re talking to a non-coder, it’s difficult even to explain what coding is

I remember trying to tell one of my coworkers what it’s like to teach yourself programming from scratch. After a lengthy attempt-at-explanation, she said:

“Oh, so it’s kind of like doing a puzzle.”

Kind of… if you were doing that puzzle blindfolded, and your only source of assistance was a studio audience of 100+ puzzle enthusiasts who had never seen your puzzle, and were using their vast knowledge of completely-unrelated puzzles as a reference.

“Try the green piece!”

“What green piece?! I can’t see color!”

“I’m pointing right at it!”

“I can’t see your finger!”

(distant voice) “No, the red piece! Try the red piece!”

All of this, of course, only makes it harder to explain why I love it.

The closest I can come is this:

Because it’s magic!

With coding, if you can imagine it, you can conjure it. You may turn a few people into toads along the way, but it is possible.

Yes, it’s incredibly frustrating at times. Yes, my brain hurts at the end of each and every day. Yes, I have made many, many more toads than princes. 

But–when something finally works….

When I finally find that perfect puzzle piece…and it fits….


HOLY F-ing F, it fits!!!

I am a GD wizard.


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