Unexpected Benefits of Coding Bootcamp (and a picture of a Soap Shank)

They say that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Up until recently, that would have made me the average of 2 toddlers, my husband, and a couple of degenerates I chose as best-friends when I was 13. (They’re the fun and eternally loyal kind of degenerates, so I don’t regret the choice.)

Yikes! That’s not a pretty average.

I would love to argue that I’m the exception to the rule, but first–Let me take my son’s underwear off my head.

One of the side benefits of attending Coding Bootcamp is being surrounded by interesting, intelligent people.

My New Friends Spend Their Free Time:

  • Learning Esperanto
  • Playing Strategy Games
  • Rock Climbing
  • Playing the Drums
  • Volunteering

My Old Friends Spend Their Time:

  • Accumulating DUIs
  • I’m afraid to ask what else

(Have I mentioned I chose them when I was 13?)

If the average theory is true, I’ve got a lot to gain by being here. In the past 6 weeks, I’ve heard more about must-see TED talks and less about… whatever it is my old friends are talking about (how to make a shank out of a soap bar?).

Don't Ever, EVER Google "Soap Shank"

Don’t Ever, EVER Google “Soap Shank”

That’s a pretty cool side benefit (the TED talks, not the shank)*.

On the other hand, I think it’s good to keep contact with a wide range of people. If everyone you know is an astrophysicist, you lose sight of what it’s like to not be one.**

I may not love that my old friends are systematically trashing their lives, but growing up with them has given me more compassion for people whose lives were built on a shaky foundation. I don’t believe that pulling their average up necessarily means pushing my average down.

And even if the theory is true, and I am just an average of the 5—who cares?

Right now, I’m wearing my daughter’s socks on my ears, and I am not ashamed!




*Who am I kidding? The shank is pretty cool too.

**You’d never guess it, but astrophysicists make some bad-ass soap shanks.


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