Code Brain


I’ve noticed that the more time I spend coding, the more I suffer from “Code Brain”. I’m pretty sure I just made that term up, so I’d better attach a definition:

Code Brain (noun): Pronunciation: cohd behr-ayhn The tendency to relate completely-non-technical events with coding, leaving your family and friends thinking you’re an alien.

I just spent several minutes staring at an email, wondering why “100%” looked wrong, because ‘Doesn’t the % sign come first?” But that’s not Code Brain, that’s just Haml-induced retardation.

Code Brain is when I have a great day and think, “I need to commit, in case this goes downhill. Oh, crap. Life doesn’t have version control.”

Code Brain is also when I stare at my child thinking, “Oh my God, we’re stuck in a “Why” loop. Control-C! Control-C! Control-C!”

Or, when I shake my fist at the guy who just cut me off, and scream: “Validates presence of brain, a**####!”

Not that any of these things have happened….I’m not an alien or anything. (hides_probe_behind_back)


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