My Thanksgiving Grace List

This year, if I get picked to say Grace, we’re going to end up eating cold turkey. There are just too many people to thank.

In order to make it through a full-time, 60-80 hour/week coding bootcamp and find a new career as a Junior Developer while also raising 2 young children, I needed A LOT of help.

Luckily for me, I got a lot of help from a lot of people.

While I couldn’t possibly thank every person who has helped me, I do want to thank a few people who have been extraordinarily generous.

In no particular order (other than my husband obviously coming first):

My Husband Donnie: For agreeing to ride this crazy roller coaster with me. For hanging on by his nails when it turned us upside-down and the seatbelts broke. For keeping one arm around the kids as he hung upside-down, by his nails, with no seatbelt on a looping roller coaster…and still looking back to see if I was okay.

Bill G: For listening and encouraging me when I was on the brink of insanity. For laughing when I was laughing, and lending a sympathetic ear when I was not.

My Dad: For making this financially possible, and for believing I could do this.

Robert G: For explaining things without being condescending, even when the question was as lame as, “How do you double click on a Mac?”

Saron: For creating CodeNewbie, which gave me a place to find support and meet other people who don’t fit the classic programmer mould.

Johnson and Tammy (My Managers): For approving a leave of absence, even when it wasn’t in their best interest, just to give me a safety net.

Ben B: For putting me in touch with several other Senior Developers and telling me everything he could think of to help me improve my skills and break into the field.

Everyone from Rails Girls: For taking up the cause of getting more women into programming, and creating a meetup where I could learn and connect without the suffocating competitiveness I’ve experience at other meetups.

My Brother: For repeatedly telling me “You’re good enough. You’re smart enough. I have no doubt you can do this.” and for introducing me to Ben.

There are loads of other people who have helped me, in big ways and in small. If I didn’t put you on the list, it doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. It just means my list was very long this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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