Writer’s Block

I have Writer’s Block, so I figured, “I should probably write about that.”

I’ve started at least 5 blog posts in the past week. I’ve deleted more lines than I’ve written. (Yes, it is possible. You just have to delete someone else’s writing.)

A few things I’ve started to write about:

  • The opportunity to leverage coding bootcamps to improve the IT gender gap
  • Puppet shows with the kids
  • Ruby Enumerable (I’m walking through the documentation, writing a program for each Enumerable method)
  • Work: I’ve finally gotten enough of a grasp of things to start contributing in very, very small ways

Each time I start to write, my brain screams, “Stop! No! Don’t want to think!” and then red lights start flashing and a mechanical voice says, “Powering down.”

I’ve been pair programming daily at work, stretching my brain power and my social interaction limits to the max. It’s only now, as I write this, that I’m realizing just how fried my brain is. Thinking about it hurts.

(Mechanical voice): Switching to auxiliary power. Shutting down all non-essential brain functions. Good. Bye.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. When you’re recharged, I would love to hear about your experience with pair programming, and, really, anything else about the real-world work environment. The bootcamp/gender gap idea is definitely worth exploring too! Take care of yourself first though, down time is important!

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  2. Whenever this hits me and I feel like I really need to get a post out. I just start writing anything that pops in my head. I forget about structure and sentences making sense but focus on just getting all my ideas down on paper. Then I sleep, wake up the next day and ask myself. What the hell is this mess?

    This usually leads me to furiously correct all my mistakes and berate myself for my incoherency.


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