What Every Junior Developer Should Know

It is very, very rare that I find a video worth devoting 2 hours of my life to, but today I found one. In my case, I actually devoted 4 hours of my life to this 2-hour video, because having children doubles the time it takes to do everything. (Scientifically proven.)

The video is Stuff Every Junior Developer Should Know, a speech given by Laurie Voss to a group of students at Hack Reactor.

Omar goes over the top things that more experienced developers wish Junior Developers knew.

Amongst other things, he goes over:

  1. Security & OWASP Top 10
  2. Performance: Speed, Efficiency, Throughput & Latency
  3. Caching
  4. Coding Antipatterns
  5. Databases: pros and cons of the most commonly used DBs

What really makes this talk unique is that he approaches each of these topics with no assumption of prior knowledge. His explanations are simple and straight-forward. He’s not giving a deep-dive on any of these topics; he’s giving just enough info for you to understand the concepts, identify whether you need to learn more about that area, and be well prepared to digest the resources he recommends for further learning.

If you have time to watch the video, I absolutely recommend it. If you don’t have time to watch the video, there’s a recap on Github, but be warned: it isn’t complete, and you will miss a lot of the best content.

The person who posted the recap, Omar Duarte, asked for contributors, so I put in a pull request recapping the section on security and OWASP. Hopefully it will be merged in, but if not, you can see it on my fork of his repo.

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