Unhealthy Obsession with TweetBots

I seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with TweetBots.

That probably makes me sound like a bit of a nerd, and…well, yes. That’s accurate.

A TweetBot, for those of you have not yet met their acquaintance, is a human-impersonator that retweets postings made by real humans…and perhaps by other TweetBots that are impersonating humans in order to confuse the the human-impersonating TweetBots.

Still following?

My current obsession is not so much with run-of-the-mill TweetBots, but with the glorious possibility of an army of Counter-Tweet-Bots.

These Counter-Tweet-Bots would tweet random, embarrassing messages such as “This would only be retweeted by the lowliest forms of Artificial Intelligence. #startup #javascript #honeybooboo #other_popular_hashtags.”

Which brings me to a side-rant: How is there not a HoneyBooBoo TweetBot?! I thought our culture was obsessed with stupidity! This is not the America I know and love! Get it together, people.

</end side-rant>

<resume original rant>

So, as I was saying, I have a vision of an army of Counter-Tweet-Bots, and I’m sure that there are some programmers out there that are smart enough to cure #Ebola, but more inclined to produce Counter-Tweet-Bots, and I’m pretty sure I could rally their support.

Only one thing is stopping me:


Don’t ask me why, but I am convinced this action would lead to global annihilation. I’m not sure how. It’s just a gut feeling. Kind of like, “Splitting the atom is going to be totally bad-ass, but something just feels wrong about this.”

Now I’m in this situation where I have to decide: Should I enable the TweetBot blockers that can control my addiction, or should I risk total annihilation?

The thing is, I have this really good idea for a first Counter-Tweet-Bot tweet, and what harm could it really do? It’s just one counter-tweet. Surely no one would be compelled to clone my open-source software and make more.

(sigh) I should have been an alcoholic.

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